This is a central post to bind together my writings on various subjects.

History of Ideas
History of Ideas : An Introduction.[link]
History of Ideas: Work [link]
History of Ideas: Nietzsche [link]
History of Ideas: Presocratic Philosophy [link]
History of Ideas: Religion of Humanity [link]
History of Ideas: Boredom [Link]
History of Ideas: Ancient Scepticism [link]

An introduction. [link]
Free will and skepticism. [link]
Natural Selection. [link]
Political non-participation. [link]

Stoic philosophy
Stoicism : An overview. [link]
Stoicism : Human freedom and determinism (part one). [link]
Stoicism : Human freedom and determinism (part two). [link]
Stoicism : Responsibility and Determinism. [link]
Stoicism: Cosmopolitanism and Oikeiosis. [link]

Stoic advice
Stoicism: On avoiding luxurious food. [link]
Beware, o novice philosopher, of charming young girls. [link]
Stoicism: Dealing with insults. [link]
Hope : Virtue or Vice ? [link]
Stoicism and Political Correctness. [link]
Stoicism and quitting smoking : [Part 1] and [Part 2] 

Criticisms of Stoicism
Stoicism : Weak criticisms. [link]
Nietzsche on the Stoics. [link]
Stoicism: Two Controversial claims. [link]
Sour Grapes:Isaiah Berlin on Stoicism.   [Link]
What Stoicism lacks. [link]

Elevator Gate and Atheism+ : [part 1] and [part 2]
End of the atheist spring?  [link]
Atheist-Skeptic politics. [link]
Atheist Ireland. [link]
New Atheism in political context [link]
Choice anxiety and religion. [link]
Apologists and Mystics. [link]
If atheism was true. [part 1] and [part 2]
How to write about atheism. [link]
Zarathustra [link]
Galileo and the Roman Catholic Church [link]
Atheism and meaning [Link]
Atheism 2.0 [link]
Are New Atheists also Militant Atheists? [link]

On middle Age. [link]
On human nature. [link]
On struggle [link]
On absurdity and habit [link]
On communism and violence [link]
On drudgery. [link]
On cleanliness [link]
On introverts. [link]
Young Marx and sociology [link]
Occam s Razor [link]
Kafka: Plight of the Bachelor  [link]
Are you your brain? : The basics. [link]
Neo-phrenology. [link]
Michael Oakeshott: Two kinds of knowledge. [link]

Gender Feminism [link]
Privilege. [link]
Privilege checking [link]
Political correctness. [link]
Identity politics and the Left. [link]
The Man will take you. [link]
What if women ruled the world? [link]
Feminist audit [link]

An introduction (or the rejection of Locke and Newton) [link]
Environmentalism [link]
The dark side. [link]
The Art [link]
Cultural relativism [link]
Johann Gottlieb Fichte. [link]
The Philistines (and being fully human) [link]
Atheism and meaning [link]
Nationalism [link]

Thoughts on Ireland during the 90's [link]
The Sorrows of Young Werther [link]
On being anti-catholic [link]

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