Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why the problem of evil also applies to atheist activists

"The bird of Hermes is my name,
Eating my wings to make me tame.
- The Ripley Scrolls
Christianity claims our world and ourselves are disordered and broken; that sin and evil cause a gulf between reality and how the world should be; that progress and improvement are still possible. These moral intuitions are so familiar and so ingrained into Western culture that some self-declared atheist SJW activists unknowingly appropriate these faith based claims and adapt a self-cannibalizing view of Western culture to solve their own version of the problem of evil. Many will resist this statement but they will find their proto-christian beliefs require an explanation for evil and this explanation must involve a self-defeating view of Western culture.

The SJW understanding of evil is an inheritance from Christianity (as is most of their worldview). Traditionally dualistic faiths explained evil as an demonic force present in our universe. Ancient Egyptian and Indian pagan religions saw the world as containing light and dark, good and bad, paired in alternating in cycles. Animist beliefs are similar, seeing the world as a clash of creative and destructive forces. Even Christianity casts Satan in the role of a demonic agency capable of actively influencing human will and human affairs. This raised a challenge for early church theologians: how to reconcile a single perfect omnipotent God with demonic evil?  The answer, most notably from St Augustine, was to reframe evil as an absence of goodness through the misuse of free will rather than as an active force capable of challenging God. Evil therefore is the discrepancy between how our disordered world actually is and how our world should be; it is what ought not to exist. 

It is now becoming clearer why SJW activists as proto-christians require an explanation of evil though they are loath to admit it. The goal of activism is to bring about social change by transforming the 'is' into the 'ought'. Social change requires rising awareness that the current status quo is not how society should function and that the current situation may be changed for the better. Awareness and persuasion both require an explanation of how the current situation arose to identify how it may be changed.

We have now arrived at the SJW problem of evil: how to explain the source of injustice to raise consciousness and affect change? Unfortunately the answer is all too familiar.

SJWers believe Christian institutions and Western Caucasian culture are based upon based a tradition of hierarchical elitism which gifts unearned privileges to white men while propagating oppressive social and political norms against females, people of colour, non-christian immigrants and non-heterosexual people. In other words, atheist activists accept a Christian understanding of a disordered world while rejecting a supernatural explanation of evil and must therefore necessarily view Western culture as the source of evil.  In doing so they self-cannibalize by undermining the source of their own moral intuitions while failing to offer any meaningful alternative aside from the default self-realizing consumers of a neo-liberal market economy characterized by crippling debt burdens, collapsing social services and vast income inequality.
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