Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy new year to you all.

When I was 14 I was inspired by 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole' to keep a diary. I recorded my days and my thoughts fairly consistently during my teenage years, slacked off hugely during college and rallied during that awkward period of unemployment in-between college and the first job. I rarely reread my diaries instead treating them as a non-judgmental friend to talk with.

A few days ago I found a forgotten diary while rummaging around my bedside drawer. It started in 2010, the last entry was dated March 2015 and contained around 20 pages of the barely legible scribbling I call handwriting.

Half a decade and I managed to write just 20 pages.

More depressing was the contents. Most entries started with "I can't believe 9 months have passed since I last wrote. I will now quit smoking, exercise more and sleep more." Then a sequence of four or five daily entries, another huge time lapse and another astonished entry saying 'I can’t believe it's been...."

And that is my diary for the last five years. The same shit over and over.

So as I completely suck at keeping even simple goals (like posting this before the 1st), this traditional new year reflective post will instead consist of a song called 'January Man' by Irish folk singer Christy Moore. Why? Well, it's topical but mostly because I have come to like folk music. Not in huge Irish mammy while cooking the Sunday roast doses, but as a change from time to time.

Previous years [2014] [2013] [2012]
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