Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scientists reveal worlds first selfie.

Architectural information scientists have revealed what is believed to be the world oldest collection of selfies dating back over 4000 years to classical Greece.  

"Classical texts spoke of an technological eye which girls needed to see the world.  That's well known.", explained Professor Jones, "but our mistake was in assuming this device was mythical. We now have solid proof that such a device did indeed exist."

We put it to the good Professor that while some accounts describe these eye users, the so called Stygian Witches, as beautiful young girls, others have them as aged hags : "Filters and lighting. Same as today."

Worlds first bathroom selfie. The facial expression is eerily familiar to a modern day teenager.  

Group selfie before dinner.  Hygiene was of course extremely primate.  

 A parent confiscates the eye, possibly for failing to clean their room.

Modern day teenagers retain their historic dependence upon a technological  eye.
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