Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Muslim envy.

Sometimes roman catholics don't bother even trying to hide their Muslim envy: 
Bishop Philip Boyce has urged Catholics to follow the lead of Muslims and Jews and object when people use the name of God in an offensive way.
Dr Boyce said: 'It is sad to hear the name of Jesus being used carelessly and unheedingly, at times as a curse instead of a blessing, in uncultured and rough language.
'It is offensive in public, and if used over the airwaves in a reckless manner, a person would have to apologise,' Dr Boyce said in a new pastoral letter 'Holy Is His Name' due to be released this week.
'Just as Muslims do not allow Mohammed's name to be profaned, and the Jews regarded God's name as revealed to Moses as too holy to be pronounced, so Christians should keep holy the name of Jesus,' Bishop Boyce insists. [link]
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