Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rumor: Ivana Bacik appointed to Irish cabinet.

Shane Ross tweeted a Leinster House rumor of Ivana Bacik gaining a cabinet position in the reshuffle. I hope the rumor isn't true because Bacik is utterly the wrong person for Labour and for Ireland. 

A few months ago I explained my dissatisfaction with Labours obsession with diversity and equality. Briefly, as an social democratic by conviction, Labour should be my natural political home but I am left disillusioned by their emphases on trendy gender issues while the Irish State flounders rudderless in a flood of debt and incompetence. 

Eamonn Gilmore famously declared gay marriage as the civil rights issue of our generation. Allowing five percent of the population to marry is hardly a burning issue while its most enthusiastic supporters are opting to emigrate. Gilmore's only notable action in charge of foreign affairs was the closure of the Vatican embassy, a decision recently reversed. Pat sure-everyone-lies-during-an-election" Rabbit, Labours minister of Communications, extended the television tax to include households without a television to support the vested interests within RTE. Ruairi Quinn in Education was a disappointment despite his calls for secular education. The Catholic Church simply stalled the process knowing Quinns time was limited. He resigned this week having achieved little aside from upsetting the teacher unions. 

Now into this pot of disappointment comes Ivana Bacik, a high profile feminist rejected by the Irish electorate on five separate occasions and eventually appointed the Seanad. The constitution does allow for a limited number of Senators to be appointed to the Seanad but this has only been done once before by FitzGerald in the 1980s. Everything I detest about the Labour party is personified by her obsession with identity issues.

So, yeah, I hope the rumor isn't true.
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