Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On being anti-Catholic.

In Ireland the roman catholic church has begun its campaign against gay marriage. A referendum on the issue will take place in 2015. Today the Catholic Communications Office issued the following statement on gay 'marriage' (sic) :

As Christians our primary commandment is to love. Love always demands that we respect the dignity of every human person. That is why the Catholic Church clearly teaches that people who are homosexual must always be treated with sensitivity, compassion and respect. It is not lacking in sensitivity or respect for people who are homosexual however to point out that same-sex relationships are fundamentally different from opposite sex relationships and that society values the complementary roles of mothers and fathers in the generation and up-bringing of children. [link]

The Roman Catholic church does not consider itself anti-homosexual and similarly I do not consider myself anti-catholic. I recognize people who sink their individuality into the bureaucratic rules of a hierarchical patrimony do not make a rational choice. A person can no more choose their beliefs than they can choose their sexuality; both are accidents of birth and upbringing. Those who hide behind ritualistic Catholicism must always be treated with sensitivity, compassion and respect. It is not lacking in sensitively or respect for people who are roman catholic however to point out that society values stable relationships based around mutual love and affection over the repressive regulation of sexuality for potential reproduction.

Homosexuals do not need patronizing compassion from a church who must explain away homosexual identity as a mysterious curse from a loving deity or as a sexual perversion. Homosexuals do need their state to recognize them as fully autonomous citizens deserving the same rights and opportunities as heterosexual couples.
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