Thursday, April 11, 2013

Growing Catholic Paranoia (part seven)

Fox news, under the typically sensationalist headline of "Christians, here's why we're losing our religion" is claiming that :

Recent research indicates that the number of people who do not consider themselves a part of an organized religion is steadily on the rise.

Interestingly enough, though the number of those religiously unaffiliated is increasing, there is little to no trend in the number of those who express atheist or agnostic beliefs. People aren’t saying they don’t believe in God. They’re saying they don’t believe in religion. They are not rejecting Christ. They are rejecting the church.

This begs the question, “Why are we losing our religion?”

 Well, the according to Speak the Truth with Love the reason Americans are turning away from organized religion is not the corruption, clericalism and arrogance of the roman catholic church. No, it seems America is turning away from rule by Rome because the gays made it fashionable to persecute Christians :-

Labels do have more baggage now. Why? Because Christians are attacked more in the culture. Gay marriage has certainly made it very acceptable to hate Christians. So more inactive church members are preferring to identify themselves as unaffiliated rather than Catholic or Presbyterian or whatever. I am not sure that is a bad thing. It means people see a cost to calling themselves Christian. Some are willing to pay it and some are not. I think that is better than when the label meant very little.  [link]

But Grundy has a different side to the story :-

What gets me is that Christians in America still say they are persecuted. Relatively speaking, that is ridiculous. We just came out of an election year where one of the more accepted-as-kooky Christian sects. Mormons, had a candidate that almost won! To the so-called persecuted Christians out there, what chance would an open atheist have had running on the Republican ticket? None. Zero. Come 2016, there isn’t a political advisor in the country, Democrats included, that would recommend coming out as atheist prior to election.

“Coming out.” We actually have a name for the reveal of our divine disbelief. Technically, we share the term with gays...who I should mention are far better represented in the media then atheists. Out of the 20 proud atheists I've interviewed, only seven use their full real name--or should I say at most seven, I haven't confirmed even those names aren't aliases. Each blogger has put a ton of time into their projects and can barely take credit of them because of the association to their real life could bring negative consequences. It's sad. And here I am, Grundy. No, my parents weren't mean enough to name me Grundy, but if they knew the extent of atheist activism I engage in, I would never hear the end of it. I am forced to live with an alias and not teach my mom how to use a computer.[link]


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