Saturday, March 9, 2013

Opinion: What if women ruled the world?

A former White House press secretary to Bill Clinton, Dee Dee Myers has an article on the BBC for International Womens day entitled "What if women ruled the world?".  It's fairly standard stuff:  diversity enriches thinking,  empowering women enhances economies and business etc etc. But I find the final two paragraphs bizarre :-

So empowering women isn't about political correctness, it's about improving outcomes. It's about investing in stronger economies and healthier communities - it's about ending conflicts, and sustaining peace. It's about improving the quality of life for people all over the world.

Empowering women isn't just the right thing, it's the necessary thing. And because women are increasingly ruling, the world is changing for the better.

Where is this happening in the world? Economies are crumbling and communities are in tatters mainly thanks to the neo-liberal policies of people like Bill Clinton which resulted in mass movements of people forced to emigrate from established communities and mass immigration into other areas.

Even more bizarre is quoting Condoleezza Rices' thoughts on peace building.  Condoleezza Rice served as secretary of state in the most appalling American government in recent history.  George W Bush infamously launched the 'war on terror', reintroduced torture as official policy, reduced American liberty through the Patriot Act, wasted millions of lives on an ill thought out war in Iraq to secure oil supplies and export American style democracy into the middle east at the point of a gun.  The result of this war was mass death, civil war, the establishment of an insecure Islamic illiberal theocratic regime, the increased power and influence of Iran and decreased American international power.  Does Condoleezza Rice think the world has changed for the better for Iraqi women under the Islamic theocracy she helped create?

Conflicts are not ending; they are being renewed. The rising stars in international affairs are not liberal democracies with empowered independent women realizing their potential but rather authoritarian regimes like Russia, China and Iran. The world is not changing for the better; it is following the usual patterns of war and conflict between states and ideologies over ever decreasing world resources.

The world Dee Dee Myers sees is a pseudo reality. It bares no resemblance to the actual world around us. The article is an articulation of blind faith.

Empowering women will change the world?

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