Friday, November 9, 2012

Growing Catholic Paranoia (part three)

John Hogan :-

It is a fact that exorcists working today, and in past, have to deal with people who have come under the influence of the evil one thanks to these practices.  Throwing personal insults at me is not going to sanitise reality.   Possession is a reality, and the suffering people endure when their lives are under the influence of the devil is real.  To deny this, and to deny... [link]

Which practice has Mr Hogan concerned for our immortal souls?  Yoga.  Yes, yoga. The act of painful stretching on a mat will apparently render the helpless victim susceptible to the evil one.

 Do you know someone who is visibly healthy with a lean figure and given to wearing tight black pants? If so, they may be in communion with the Evil One.  But worry not because a crack team of experienced roman catholic exorcists are available to save your loved one.

This Yoga stance is called 'Embrace of the Evil One'.

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