Friday, October 19, 2012


Bls has some quotes from Dan Ariely, a so-called expert on human motivation, concerning Roman Catholic confessions and making fresh starts. Bls notes that :- 

The first example above is purely subjective about the experience of Confession (yet pretty convincing, I'd say!) and the second was derived experimentally and empirically.  Both say exactly the same thing:  Confession offers people "a way to feel clean again," and so the ability to "open a new page."  (And, of course, millions of A.A. members have experienced this, too.) [link]

Problem is, the Roman Church promotes an absurd standard of morality consisting of thought crimes and  completely trivial acts that are nevertheless considered sins against an alleged God. These sins are premised on the absurd Roman Catholic interpretation of natural law.

Here is how confession works :-

Firstly people are manipulated  into feeling guilty over common activities and emotions. Lust and masturbation are favorites. Then you offer confession as a means of ending this unpleasant feeling of guilt. As Bls notes, confession offers a "way to feel clean again".  But Roman Catholics are taught to form harmful judgments over the nature of the world. So the guilt starts creeping back and inevitably the victim finds himself dropping to his knees before a priest in a dark corner of the church, whispering his crimes, receiving some token punishment and the cycle begins anew. The whole process is very bizarre and seedy for non-Catholics.

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