Sunday, December 13, 2015

Catholic etiquette - When to handfeed attractive girls.

Receiving the holy gift in the correct manner.

For some time we have heard persistent and troubling rumors of parishioners deviating from traditional intimacy by receiving communion on their hands instead of kneeling with tongue outstretched before a priest. Equally troubling are the 'fashionable' bishops who actually approve of this dangerously liberal practice.

Communities leave themselves vulnerable to spiritual assaults by removing themselves from Gods protection through heresy and through embracing worldly fashions. Sadly for the Spanish community of Pamplona, the forces of hell unlashed horrors upon them greater than the entire Thirty Years' War. Vultus Christi describes the crime:-
The sacrileges and profanations of the Thirty Years War in 17th century France pale in comparison to the  horrible sacrilege that took place in Pamplona, Spain earlier this year. Spanish “artist” Abel Azcona stole more than 240 consecrated Hosts by pretending to receive Holy Communion at Mass. He then placed the hosts on the ground to form the word “pederasty” in Spanish. The sacrilege is being prolonged by a display of photographs in a public art gallery in Pamplona, sponsored by the city’s Department for Culture. Protestors demonstrated against the sacrilegious exhibit in Pamplona last evening and more than 75,000 people have signed a petition asking the city council to remove the exhibit immediately.  [Via: Vultus] 
Our faith demands we find hope in the darkest of days and so we pray these deviants will accept the truth of their error and embrace the beauty of tradition.

However in these cynical times we must once again warn against overzealous hand feeding of able bodied girls. The following antedate is sufficient to illustrate poor etiquette when dealing with such matters:-
There is a certain power in the reception of Holy Communion in the traditional manner of the Western Church: kneeling and on the tongue.
I had an Indian priest staying with me and his bishop came and arranged to spend the weekend appealing for money in the local parishes. I had had to speak very sternly to him after he celebrated Mass here, he more or less made up his own Eucharistic Prayer, which barely reflected the Church's understanding of the Holy Eucharist, I think he had done his post-grad studies in Germany. In the evening we had a reception for some of the leading Indian Catholics in Brighton.

I am sure the Bishop was not in favour of the reception of Holy Communion on the tongue but he took great delight in giving tit-bits to the more attractive young women, insisting they didn't use their hands. I could understand why a young non-Catholic husband muttered darkly about 'punching his lights out', after the bishop had given his wife a third piece of honey coconut cake, I think it was the licking of his fingers by her, that he insisted on, that finally upset her husband. I managed to persuade him to take her home rather create an unpleasant scene. [Via:]

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