Friday, March 20, 2015

Is Islamic intolerance of homosexuality an Islamophobic myth?

Andrew Hernann writing for defends Islam against claims of homophobia :
There is a pervading myth — amongst some Muslims and non-Muslims alike — that Islam promotes intolerance against women and LGBTQIA+ individuals.
This myth, however, is a dangerous one, as it often prevents non-Muslim feminists from more actively engaging Muslim communities.
Consequently, instead of expanding and empowering the feminist community, well-intentioned non-Muslim feminists sometimes alienate potential Muslim allies and reproduce anti-Muslim prejudices.
This creates a divide between feminist and Muslim communities. It excludes while inadvertently requiring conformity.
So, Why the Myth?
Narrowly citing the Qur’an (Islam’s holy text) and various Hadiths (teachings and accounts of the Prophet Muhammad), some Muslims argue that Islam is cissexist, requires patriarchy, and forbids homosexuality.
However, many other Muslims maintain that Islam demands compassion, acceptance, and love.
Arguing that an omniscient God created humanity — including the vast diversity within it — they insist that we should not discriminate against one another.
As such, Islam does not promote intolerance. People say that Islam promotes intolerance.  
The article asserts the common impression of Islam promoting intolerance is nothing but a pervading myth based upon Islamophobic stereotypes "originally developed to promote a racist and capitalist agenda." Incredibly the only supporting evidence for this extraordinary claim is anecdotal: some Muslims believe Islam demands compassion.

While I have no doubt that some Muslim individuals and organizations do promote tolerance, how representative of Islam are such views? Do they represent Islam or Islam reinterpreted through our Western liberal Christian culture?

Consider for example this map depicting the Islamic population worldwide. Notice the large black block that represents areas with large Muslim majorities:

Now regard this map:

See the large block of red that kinda matches the first map showing Muslim dominated countries? The red represents countries who opposed an United Nations proposal to decriminalize homosexuality.

I won't bother listing the Islamic countries who continue to reject gay rights because it's quicker to list countries where homosexuality is actually legal.  There are only five: Mali, Jordan, Indonesia, Turkey and Albania. While the law in these countries do not criminalize gay lifestyles, LGBT communities still suffer from discrimination and non-negligible pressure to remain discreet regarding their lifestyles. 

So while small Islamic groups and individuals do exist who choose to ignore Muhammad's explicit command to execute homosexuals, the facts clearly indicate such views are not representative of any significant group within Islam. The facts show the vast majority of Islamic countries do promote intolerance against homosexuals and that intolerance flows directly from their Islamic culture.

Andrew's claim of Islamic tolerance for homosexuality is so wilfully and egregiously fucking stupid that it could only be believed by an ideological drunkard on a eight year social science bender in an Western university.
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