Saturday, March 7, 2015

Irish Catholics coverage of the same-sex marriage debate.

The Irish Catholic paper is running a series of articles by an 'interdisciplinary' team of Roman Catholic theologians to "help us consider and respond to the difficult question of same sex marriage." It turns out the question is only difficult for those trying to argue against it.
The referendum, however, proposes to radically redefine marriage in constitutional terms. This constitutional change, if passed, will fundamentally alter our very understanding of marriage. While the legislator has only limited influence over the social realities of modern Ireland, the introduction of same-sex marriage effectively promotes a new ideal of marriage, in which being male or female and father or mother, effectively, become matters of indifference.
This position makes little sense. If a person believes marriage is between a man and a women for the purpose of regulating human reproduction, then this person is likely to vote against the proposed amendment. But people who accept marriage is fundamentally about two people  in love making a long term commitment to support each other are likely to vote in favor of the referendum for they have no grounds for rejection. Therefore in order for the referendum to succeed, Irish society must already hold a culturally different view of marriage than the roman catholic church and the referendum simply ratifies that cultural difference; our current understanding of marriage is not altered.
The burden of proof, which lies with those who want change, that is, the proponents of same-sex marriage, has not been discharged yet. It is unlikely, however, that children are as well off with gay parents as with their own biological parents. Remember that gay marriage promotes a notion of marriage in which the biological bond between both parents and children is in principle non-existent. Yet biological bonds matter, as controversies surrounding people who have been adopted and are looking for their biological parents, show. Moreover, same-sex couples can never provide the complementarity in difference that a mother and a father can offer.
Justice demands a democracy consider the needs and wishes of all her citizens equally unless faced with compelling reasons not to do so. We now have a small section of the community asking for the same right to marry as the vast majority of the adult population. The burden then surely lies on those who would deny this request to demonstrate why it would be detrimental to society. The Irish Catholic article concentrates heavily on child raising, but this is irrelevant as the proposed referendum does not grant same-sex couples the right to adapt.

Frankly I've yet to hear a single argument from their camp that isn't self-serving nonsense dressed up as a selfless concern for children's welfare. This is after all an organization that sold children from Irish unwed mothers against their will to 'good' Catholic American families to boost their own political demographics. Better to let a child die of neglect in the cold catholic adaption machine than risk Protestant or gay parents corrupting their souls.

Blackberries, bacon and children for sale, but only to Catholics.

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