Wednesday, December 3, 2014

White Ribbons covered in egg.

White Ribbon and it's affiliated Men's Development Network is another useless charity quango whose self-proclaimed goal is "to change attitudes and behaviours that allow all forms of men’s violence against women to occur." In other words, they release a few press statements, hold conferences and everyone goes home feeling virtuous.

Their latest national awareness effort is the White Ribbon campaign. You know the gallingly useless sort of thing - donate money to pay their wages and wear a white ribbon to end male violence against women because white ribbons have that magical power. This time however the organizers quickly got egg on their faces when the Irish Times revealed they exaggerated the number of rapes in Ireland by a factor of eight:
The organisers of the high profile launch in Ireland of White Ribbon Day have been forced to retract their claims for the number of rapes recorded last year.
The retraction came after it emerged they had overestimated the number of rapes reported almost eight-fold.
Literature distributed at the Irish launch of the international campaign highlighting the problem of violence by men against women said there were 3,500 rapes recorded by the Irish authorities last year.
The official figure recorded by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) is 451.
Irish Times: White ribbon day overestimates reported rapes eight fold

451 is still an alarmingly high figure but feminist style movements have a track record of massaging crime figures to promote their own organizations. The most common method is to extrapolate upon official statistics by an arbitrary factor because most rapes go unreported and some rapists are repeat offenders. I suspect something similar happened here.

Telling porkies benefits nobody and discredits such movements as a whole.
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