Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to display the correct Google+ comment count.

Blogs with heavily customized templates can struggle while switching over to the Google+ comment system. The most annoying problem I found was that our home page did not displaying the correct comment count. So in case anyone with a similar problem stumbles across this post, the solution can be found here: Product Forums: Displaying correct comment count.

I switched over to the integrated Google+ comment system about six months ago after noticing most blog related discussion now happens over social media communities rather than on the individual blogs. Of course big successful blogs still retain an active community of readers and commenters, but for small irrelevant blogs like ours, joining a social media community is probably the only way to start discussions and receive feedback.  It comes at the cost though of requiring a reader to have a Google+ account, a restriction I am not happy about and I am still searching for a truly cross platform comment system capable to displaying comments from Facebook, Google+ and Blogger. Wordpress has this capability; Blogger doesn't.
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