Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Germany's growing jihadist problem (hate tract version)

(Rewritten in the style of a 1940s propaganda track for my amusement)

Gentle readers are you apologetically ambivalent about ISLAMigration into our communities? Do you despise your neighbours enough to welcome MUSLIMculture onto our soil where once our valiant ancestors bled repealing caliphate armies? Well friends, I have news for you and regrettably tonight's news is all bad.

Item:  Chaos spawned from Middle Eastern Islamic slaughter spread throughout Europe and left the down town German city of Hamburg in ruins as four hundred Muslim warriors brandishing homemade weapons charged a peaceful Kurdish demonstration. Limbs were severed and blood flowed. The Kurdish crime which so enraged these Islamic thugs? Protesting against the massacre of their Syrian families.

Item:  Unsated by the destruction of Hamburg the heathen leaders sent their Islmaic hordes against the innocent Yazidis population in the German town of Celle injuring nine people. And the Yazidis crime? Simply being non-Muslim. Know your enemy friends, for they march upon us. They march in stealth, they march as families, but they are coming.

Item: Gangs of Islamic thugs strut the former Christian streets of Wuppertal in north west Germany imposing Sharia tyranny upon frightened citizens. Concerts and alcohol are now verboden as the heathens banish beauty and outlaw enjoyment and manifest the misery which lies in their souls upon Christian German soil.

Item: German intelligence services count over 30 separate violent Islamic groups actively recruiting  in their country. Their numbers grow friends.

Item:  Islamists openingly threaten German politicians with DEATH for opposing their evil. Tobias Huch now lives under police protection for bringing food and water to Kurdish population in northern Iraq.

Are you still that much more amply ambivalent friends? This unwanted, undeserved, and undesired war is heading our way - whether we want it or not. But as everyone knows, we never run from a fight.


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