Monday, March 31, 2014

A response to Atheism Analyzed.

A blog called Atheism Analyzed has criticized my recent post on Peter Hitchens calling it "one of the most bizarre columns ever." Normally I charitably summarize before offering my response, but direct quotes are necessary when facing polarized minds obsessed with categorizing complex political viewpoints into simplistic caricatures.
First, Marxist Materialism is Atheist; and that is the theoretical basis, as he admitted just sentences earlier. Even if it were not, the second half of the sentence is astounding in its implications: Atheism is merely a tool to eradicate human cultures, for ideological and political purposes. That is an incredible admission, made rather witlessly as he tries to defend Atheism from its obvious association with massive genocides, unthinkable tortures and eradication of entire cultures. 
Suppose Marxist Materialism is atheist. What does that tell us about Marxist Materialism? Absolutely nothing bar that Marx did not believe in god(s). Atheism Analyzed no doubt believes atheism is synonymous with the big government, baby eating, freedom hating, liberal-socialist Left. But these are his own prejudiced presuppositions.
Next he claims that Atheists do not support “violence, murder, destruction, censorship, persecution and theft”. Abjectly false! The Atheist Left has always condoned those things, if and only if they were sourced from the Left. From abortions shredding preborn innocents, and Muslim murderers, to MSM nonreporting and false reporting; from using the IRS, NSA, EPA, DOJ, etc. to specifically target and persecute the moral and political Other, to the Leftist governmental theft of GM and making it a gift to the union at the expense of common stakeholders, and the use of tax dollars to woo bankers and corporate support – not to mention to create and maintain the Leftist plantation ghettos, the AtheoLeft has always and will always support exactly those things.
But then comes the topper: he claims they, Atheists, support “political freedom, social contracts, human rights, freedom of religion and constitutional democracy”, when in fact the AtheoLeft uses those terms to mean the exact opposite of what they actually, in real life, do support. They support political freedom only for themselves, while attacking – with government agencies – political opposition; they support social contracts for stealing wealth for transfer to their cronies and plantation ghetto voters; they support human rights for their designated Victim Categories, themselves and no one else; they support freedom of the religion of Atheism to be installed as the official governmental religion and no other; they support none of the US Constitution unless it is specifically advantageous to themselves. 
I am not American so I do not understand most of the references. It's noticeable however that the author must refer to atheism as the 'atheist left'. The additional adjective is necessary because, again, atheism does not entail a political position outside of his imagination. In the original post I offered the distinction between Bolshevism atheism and liberal atheism as an example against Hitchens attempt to ascribe positive values to atheism. Liberals atheists do support political freedom, social contracts, human rights, freedom of religion and constitutional democracy; disputes arise over the scope of rights. Bolshivism flatly rejected these as bourgeois oppression.

It is always a mistake to claim atheism must necessary entail any social-political viewpoints; all attempts to demonstrate atheism must led to slaughter and cultural decay are absurd. Atheists are libertarians and social democrats and communists and anarchists. We are naturalists and spiritualists, rationalists and romantics, conservatives and liberals, individualistic and communitarian. But in the polarized minds of the fundamentalists, atheists are dehumanized into forces of evil. We become Satan.
Denialism requires the suspension of rational assessment. When it is in pursuit of an ideology, especially one with massive evil in its history, suspension of rationality becomes evil itself. Yet in the ideology of Atheism, there is no evil, unless it is to admit that there is evil and they are involved in it.

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