Thursday, January 2, 2014

Howdy stranger!

Hello World!

I am the Hooligan Hobo; ostensibly a contributor to this blog. If you read this blog even occasionally, and are awake while doing so, you will no doubt have noticed that the lion’s share of the content is produced by The Observer. The contributions are somewhere around 99% - 1% in his favour. I have been more a reader of this blog than a contributor but I am considering diving in a bit more. Over the many moons that The Observer has been posting here, I have come to quite enjoy his work and the style he has developed. He has created a pretty decent blog here, I my humble, and I am a bit wary of stumbling in and wrecking the place. While I pride myself on being able to lower the tone just about anywhere, I am somewhat reluctant to do so in this case. The Observer has put a fair amount of work into this blog and I don’t want to impact that with my boorish irrelevancies and unlettered ramblings.

For these reasons, I want to state plainly that I am more than happy to sling my hook and move on if The Observer or any reasonable number of his readers would prefer I did so. I would take no offense what-so-ever at such a request as he has in any fair interpretation made this blog his own. Until such a request is forthcoming I shall assume that my drunk-seeming, unstructured outbursts will be tolerated here.

 My own style of writing is something best imagined scrawled in crayon. A mostly ignorant blast of half-considered literary white noise, the loudness of which is only matched by the Dunning-Kruger-like confidence with which it is yelled. I think perhaps my philistinic (not sure if that is a word but I’m going to use it anyway!) crassness might prove an interesting counterpoint to The Observer’s offerings. I warned you about the rambling, right? I have been pondering for a while a kind of back to basics series on some of the philosophical questions I have encountered over the years with some consideration of how my views may have changed in the years since I first encountered them. Such a series would likely be interspersed with random other posts about random other things.

You may consider yourself warned!


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