Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dawkins: Western liberal intelligentsia is betraying itself.

I'm not a follower of Richard Dawkins. I admire his commitment to atheism and his willingness to combat religious fundamentalism but the humanities interest me more than science.

However I completely agree with his comments made in [this] recent interview:

RH: You have turned your attention to Islam recently. Why is that?
RD: I think my love of truth and honesty forces me to notice that the liberal intelligentsia of Western countries is betraying itself where Islam is concerned. It's stymied by the conflict between being against misogyny and discrimination against women on the one hand, and on the other by the terror of being thought racist—driven by misunderstanding Islam as though it were a race. So people who would normally speak out against the maltreatment of women don't do it. I do fret about what I see as a betrayal by my own people, the nice liberals.
Witness for example the New Statesman article containing the humdinger that "Islam isn’t a race,” is the “I’m not racist, but. . .” of the Atheist movement". A sizable portion of the Left establishment become blind when Islam is mentioned, supporting cultural practices that help spread Islam while becoming vein poppingly angry at the sight of a Christian crucifix.

The Left must shift it's focus away from bastardizations of the American 60's civil rights struggle and begin rediscovering the social economics of an earlier generation of activists. The cultural war has too many foot solders too distracted by semi-relevant issues while welfare states slowly crumble around their geek memorabilia and sloganed t-shirts.
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