Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Influential 90's bands that baffle me.

Trigger warning: musical blasphemy and shoddy writing.

Kurt Cobain was known as "the spokesman of a generation." That was a shame because I had absolutely no idea what Cobain was singing about.

Nirvana bust into Irish music charts in 1991 with Smells Like Teen Spirit. Within weeks several of my classmates sprouted fledgling Cobain hairstyles and developed a habit of headbanging with the classroom mop between classes.

Frankly, I never got Nirvana. I appreciated the overall sound but the lyrics !
"Load up on guns, bring your friends / It's fun to lose and to pretend / She's overbored and self-assured /  Oh, no, I know a dirty word."

Still utterly baffled.

Smashing Pumpkins.
My copy of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness still lives in a box under the parents bed. I played it several times futilely seeking the alleged creative genius of Billy Corgan but finding only angsty nonsense sung over boring music.

OK Computer, allegedly a "powerful statement of modern alienation", was the album of choice for many late 90's student parties. I found the music intrusive, unpleasant and the lyrics tedious.

Heavy mental for thinking people. Well, I like thinking and I like heavy metal so I should like Tool right? Nope. I really tried to like this band and played their songs over and over hoping they would grow on me. Eventually I gave up.

Losing My Religion is apparently one of the top singles of the 90s. I still haven't managed to sit through it.

One of the most successful Irish bands of all time. I find them boring. Enough said.

Foo Fighters
See above

Pearl Jam
Disparaging Pearl Jam was once valid grounds for a bar fight. I came close to liking this band. If only they had proper guitar solos ...
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