Saturday, November 30, 2013

EU's regulation of E-Cigarettes.

I received the following "open" email from my regular supplier of nicotine vapor.

Dear Customer,
On the 8th of October the EU Parliment voted against e-cigs being classed as a medicine. Unfortunately this vote is now being ignored by the EU commision who have come up with their own proposal on e-cigs should be handled. The proposal includes the measures listed below which would effectively hand the market to Big Pharma and Big Tobacco forcing you to use their ineffective products.
Allows only single-use cartridges. No refillable units will be permitted. (This is the system that vast majority of my customers use.)
Allows only flavours already approved for use in NRT. (The wide variety of flavours is what encourages many smokers to make the change to vaping.)
Limits nicotine density to 20mg/ml (I could handle this, but many customers would not be happy)
Limits nicotine content of any container to just 10mg/unit (This would only make eLiquids / Refills more expensive - does not make any sense from a health perspective)
Allows only devices that “deliver nicotine doses consistently and uniformly” (This is practically unworkable)
Bans all advertising in press or printed publications (except trade), on radio, TV and other audiovisual services and the internet through “information society services“ (You can't ban the Internet or what people say online!)
Asserts that e-cigarettes “simulate smoking behaviour and are increasingly used and marketed to young people and non-smokers”. (Evidence to date suggests that this is patently not true.)
Now is not the time to sit back and let others do the work, please take the time to contact your MEP outlining what e-cigs have done for you, what flavours you use etc. We can defeat this nonsense if we stick together and act now!!
I strongly urge you to contact / write to your local MEP, and let them know how the new proposals outlined below, will affect you. Find your local MEP here
I smoked for five years; at it's peek I smoked 30 a day. The last two years were a cycle of quitting, feeling miserable, falling off the wagon and chain smoking for two/threes weeks before repeating.

Then I switched to e-cigarettes and I can testify to the health benefits. Before, my lungs were clogged with tar leaving me lethargic and unable to exercise. The first five minutes of each morning was spent coughing. Nicotine vapour has none of these drawbacks and completely kills any craving for 'traditional' cigarettes.

Every smokers knows the impossibility of  'cutting down'. Nicotine leaves the bloodstream very quickly making you crave another hit and being constantly on edge watching the clock for the next smoke. It's easier to quit outright than to cut down.

Cutting down is easy with e-cigarettes because you control the level of nicotine in the vapour. I dropped from 20mg to under 10mg within a month. You control the amount you 'vape' by pouring a little less liquid into the tank every day. I'm currently on 1.8ml a day, down from almost 3ml three months ago. The process is far, far easier than cutting back on regular cigarettes.

The EU commission proposals will kill my attempts to finally control my nicotine addiction. I will lose the convenience of ordering online. I will lose the ability to choose flavours I actually enjoy. I will lose the ability to regulate the amount of nicotine I consume. It will increase the cost.

They banned packs of ten cigarettes because "children could afford them",  resulting in people smoking more. If you only have ten smokes in your pocket, you will only smoke ten. If you have 20, you will smoke 10+.  Banning smaller packs of cigarettes is as rational as banning small meal portions for people trying to diet.

They banned smoking in enclosed areas and created an entirely new social dynamic where people would deliberately smoke to meet people away from loud clubs or the workplace desk.

They slapped on massive taxes and fueled black market cigarette smoking.

And that is the real reason for regulating vapor under 'won't anyone think of the children': tax money.


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