Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catholic Paranoia: Communist edition.

Communist Labour in Irish Government continue onslaught on Catholic Church :-
The then Labour party vowed  to drive Religious out of education.   (Sadly I cannot recall  the exact date......though it was in the National Press at the time.  Now the Communist Labour Party wants to drive Catholicism out of education in the name` of " transparency"!
We should never forget the hidden power and determination of Communists - even within the Church.   Look at Vat ll and how the documents condemning Communism were "lost" even though voted for by most of the participating Bishops.
The present Humanist President of Ireland represented a Galway Constituency for many years.  I am not for one moment suggesting that he is a communist. though I do ask "Did anything good ever come out of Galway?" 
I was surprised to learn godless Reds have infiltrated the Irish government who is currently following a right wing policy of economic austerity. But Reds are sneaky like that. Sure didn't they skulk into the Vatican and steal some documents?

So what have the nefarious communists done this time?

Apparently the latest plot to undermine western civilization involves opening nine new schools, eight of which will be multidenominational and therefore do not force parents to baptise their children to gain access to a state educational system dominated by the roman catholic church. The bastards!


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