Sunday, October 27, 2013

MMMMMARRAAAHHH (or the sound of frustration).

Man, I know this feeling:
There’s this classic commercial with Orson Welles where he’s struggling with the whole thing, and makes this primal, existential expression of frustration that sounds like sort of like MMMMMARRAAAHHH. People look at the video and laugh at an old guy who may be drunk, but I see one of the greatest creative minds of his generation struggling like crazy to  make it through something he knows he needs to do. It’s not that hard, it shouldn’t be that hard, but still, when staring into the abyss that only he can see, MMMMMARRAAAHHH.
[Via: Wil Wheaton]

My own personal sound of frustration is more like GAHHHRRAAWWWW, usually heard when I die in a computer game or spend 30 minutes trying to write a single paragraph of basic English.

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