Monday, October 21, 2013

Direct Democracy Ireland implodes.

Back in March I explained why I don't like Direct Democracy Ireland, a new political party whose policies I described as "a cross over comedy about modern Jacobins written by The Office script writers."

So I was not surprised to read of their implosion :-
The chair of its Cork branch, along with a number of members, stormed out of a meeting with the leadership after it was revealed - get this - that a five-man internal committee which runs the party (and includes Ben Gilroy) has a VETO over any decisions the members make. Thereby it is actually less democratic than most other parties in the state. On top of this they are claiming to have the support of around one third of the membership and will be launching their own Direct Democracy party.[Source]
So DDI (Direct Democracy Ireland) is an organization promoting direct democracy but with a five person leadership coterie capable of vetoing any decision made by their own members. Doesn't that show a distinct lack of trust? Why should I believe direct democracy would work at the national level if their leadership does not believe it would work at the party level?

We already have an organization where majority decisions are vetoed should they conflict with the interests of a leadership coterie. It's called the United Nations.


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