Friday, August 2, 2013

The return of Bruce Gerencser.

A Note from Bruce:-
The wounds of my fundamentalist past run deep. Writing about the past has allowed me to work through many of the experiences from my past, but it also is like continually picking a scab. I think the only way for me to find lasting emotional and mental healing is to not write so much about my past. 
It is impossible for me to NOT write about my past BUT I need to be more selective about the experiences and people I write about. My focus must really be on The Way Forward and not the The Way Back. 
I also need to steer clear of the incessant drama that seems to dominate the atheist community. I made a big mistake when I tried to add my voice to the discussion and debate. Several longtime commenters savaged me for my opinions and added to the deep depression I was in. Going forward I do not intend to wade into the discussions and debates that continue to fester within the atheist community. I do have opinions about all of these things, but there is no value in me stating my opinions. Frankly, there is an element within the atheist community that is every bit as fundamentalist as the Baptist fundamentalism I left years ago. As long time readers are aware, I despise fundamentalism wherever it is found.
It's great to see Bruce back blogging and I think he is right to avoid the atheist online community. Now go follow his new blog !
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