Monday, June 3, 2013

Growing Catholic Paranoia (part eight)

Alexander Lucie-Smith writing in the gives me yet another way to annoy Roman Catholics:-

I am reading at present a fine novel by a writer I admire, and whom, for that reason, I will not mention by name. But this novel has an irritating feature. The word ‘God’ appears throughout as ‘god’. Now why is this? Is it because the author wants to let us all know that he is a member of the fashionable atheist minority? Or is it because he wants to irritate theists like me? If so, he has succeeded.

‘God’ should always appear capitalised. This is because that is the accepted custom, and because when we use the word ‘God’ it stands for a person. So too do phrases like ‘the Almighty’, ‘the Eternal Father’, the Persons of the Blessed Trinity and so on – all should be capitalised.

Those who deny the capital letter to the Almighty do so out of a desire to belittle Him, one assumes (oh yes, did I say the personal pronoun when used of God should also be capitalised?) This actually has a long history. Back in the day when anti-Semitism was openly espoused by writers and publishers, some used to deny the capital letter to the term ‘Jew’. I do not think anyone would do that nowadays.


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