Sunday, April 21, 2013

A new breed of man

We need a new breed of man apparently:

GENDER EQUALITY HAS still not been achieved in Ireland – and it’s not just up to women to make the improvements. The onus too is on men to do something about it. [..] That is why we are calling on men to do something. Most parliamentarians are men, most CEOs are men so it incumbent on them to help sort out this issue. [..] Males under the age of 24 generally try to live up to the stereotype of “being a man”. They live harder, becoming more susceptible to alcohol abuse, substance abuse and road traffic accidents. On the domestic front, fathers could stand back a little bit and see what they can do to break down such gender stereotypes. Could they help more with household chores or caring for the younger children? By doing so, these small changes can give an example to their sons and lead to a new breed of male. If men are willing to share the power burden, it will be good for them too. There is a feeling among men that they need to be the main bread-winner. There is a sense of failure if they not providing everything for their family. If there is less of a gender stereotype displayed to boys and if they buy into gender equality and a new image of the male, they are under less pressure to conform. They will live longer, become better fathers and more-rounded adults
[via: The Journal]

Irish men are under-performing at second and third level when compared to the EU. Irish men are far more likely to leave school early than Irish women and only 39% of men aged 24-35 have third level qualifications compared to 52% of women. Men are more likely to emigrate and be unemployed. The male suicide rate is four times that of females and is increasing steadily. Men are more likely to be victims of violent crime and most prisoners are male. (See : CSO - News and Events : Press Release Women and Men in Ireland 2010 ).

Irish men are in trouble. They are under-performing, running away and killing themselves in ever increasing numbers. Why then are gender equality groups seeking to social engineer a 'new breed of male' sensitive to womens issues? Why fixate on the top 0.5% elite in Irish society when the remaining 99.5% are in trouble ? What role models or heroes could an Irish boy have in a country infected with corrupt politicians and gombeen business men ? I suggest instead of engineering a new breed of male we should revert back two generations when 'being a man' was not seen as a negative stereotype but was synonymous with the timeless virtues of self-reliance, courage, industry, integrity, resolution, self-reliance, discipline, honor, duty.

Of course this is entirely compatible with promoting women rights. But compare the approaches : Instead of teaching children the virtues, genders equality groups want to deny human nature in favor of experiments with gender neutral emotion dolls and political correct text books thereby leaving children with little guidance on navigating their adults lives other than : "You are all equally special and you all can fulfill your potential !". Well, it hasn't worked very well for our current generation. We fulfilled our potential with cheep immediate credit so now both genders can enjoy self-actualizing in a workplace just to keep the banks from the door.
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