Monday, March 4, 2013

Raymond Aron: pseudo realities.

In the exact, strict sense of the word, he who consciously says the opposite of the truth is lying: Lenin's companions were lying when they confessed to crimes they had not committed, and Soviet propaganda was lying when it sang of the happiness of the people during the days of collectivization...

On the other hand, when the Bolsheviks, the Communists, call the Soviet Union socialist must we say that they were lying?  ... if they recognize the difference between what socialism is today and what it will be when it conforms to its essence, then they are not in the strictest sense  lying, but rather substituting for reality [something that can be described as] 'pseudo reality': the meaning that they give something in terms of a future they imagine as confirming to the ideology.

Despite everything, Sovietism becomes a step along the road to socialism, and hence a step towards the salvation of mankind. 


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