Sunday, March 3, 2013

Political Labels.

I've been trying to define the various political labels for my own benefit. 

Neo-conservative :- 
-> Does not wish to return to an imaginary era of minimum government.
-> Looks to governments and social institutions to promote virtue and offset the effects of the free market.
-> May have liberal views of personal morality but rejects the idea that a state can be morally neutral. 
-> Seeks to promote religion as a form of social cohesion. 
-> Recognizes armed state intervention and coercive force is needed to topple regimes. 
-> Supports globalization and free markets and democracy by force if necessary.
-> Christian view of history as a series of stages each better than the last.

Neo-Liberal :- 
-> Wishes to return to an imaginary era of minimum government.
-> Most important condition of liberty is the free market. 
-> Supports free market as agent of liberty and progress.
-> Believes free markets are the most productive and the most peaceful. War and conflicts will vanish if only markets become free.
-> One size fits all. 
-> Individualist ethos of personal responsibility
-> Normally secular in outlook.
-> Economists with naive faith in their variant of reason.

Classical liberals :-
-> Believe all societies pass through defined stages of history leading to an open exchange market.
-> Understood and was weary of the costs of free markets and it's moral hazards.
-> Promoted a natural system of liberty derived from Christian thought; later replaced by secular thought.
-> Views the development of technology and the economy as primary; religion is secondary or unimportant. 

Conservative :-
-> Defined itself against the Utopian schemes. Skeptical towards progress.
-> Politics is coping with human imperfections. 
-> Seeks to promote religion as a form of social cohesion.
-> Strong support for tradition national institutions and culture. 
-> Usually holds Utopian views of the past or an imagined golden age.
-> Emphasis is placed upon families and small government.


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