Friday, March 8, 2013

Growing Catholic Paranoia (part six)

This is the best yet:

“Every time you look at pornography,” Fr. Nix stated, “you’re making sure children stay in slavery.” [link]

I'll bite.  How does watching pornography ensure children stay in slavery? 

Along with contraception and abortion, Fr. Nix said pornography is the one of the other “rails” of modern-day slavery. Although, “porn is the demand” he said, “children are the supply, even if you’re looking at adults.”

While not everyone who looks at pornography will be lead to the child sex trade, Fr. Nix says the industry is so interconnected that no aspect of it is isolated from the other. If a consumer supports one part, he or she is contributing to the entire issue at large.

 And how pray tell do we solve this problem?

However, Fr. Nix said, without the Catholic Church, they will not be able to end trafficking.
Although Catholics “have so much to learn from evangelicals on this topic,” he said, “they won’t be able to beat trafficking until we bring them the Mass and Our Lady.”
The Mass is essential, the priest said, because it “makes un-bloody reparation for this bloody child-sacrifice that is demon-based.” The intercession of the Virgin Mary is needed, he explained, because “whatever she asks – God gives!”

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