Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stoicism: Index.

This is a post to bind together all my scratchings on Stoicism.

My overall approach :

History of Ideas : An Introduction.[link]

Stoic philosophy

Stoicism : An overview. [link]
Stoicism : Human freedom and determinism (part one). [link]
Stoicism : Human freedom and determinism (part two). [link]
Stoicism : Responsibility and Determinism. [link]
Stoicism: Cosmopolitanism and Oikeiosis. [link]

Stoic advice

Stoicism: On avoiding luxurious food. [link]
Beware, o novice philosopher, of charming young girls. [link]
Stoicism: Dealing with insults. [link]
Hope : Virtue or Vice ? [link]
Stoicism and Political Correctness. [link]
Stoicism and quitting smoking : [Part 1] and [Part 2] 
Criticisms of Stoicism

Stoicism : Weak criticisms. [link]
Nietzsche on the Stoics. [link]
Stoicism: Two Controversial claims. [link]
Stoicism: You seek to reduce your vulnerable surface[link]

Stoicism : Final Thoughts.


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